Eyes Burning Covid

Eye inflammation and coronavirus infection

Coronavirus and Your Eyes

British researchers from Anglia Ruskin University have established a link between eye inflammation and coronavirus infection. They believe that the sense of itching and pain in the eyes are early Covid symptoms. It is the first specialized clinical research of ocular manifestations included in the study of this disease. Their results were presented in the BMJ Open Ophthalmology journal.

COVID-19 can affect the eyes and visual acuity, ophthalmologists say. The new type of coronavirus can cause swelling, spasms of the eye muscles, disturbances in the optic nerve functioning, and inflammation of the retina. The World Health Organization has already listed eye disorders as a common symptom of COVID-19.

How Can Coronavirus Affect Your Eyes?

Coronavirus has affected the quality of vision

The coronavirus infection can not only affect the lungs and deprive a person of their sense of smell but also have an effect on the quality of vision. The most common manifestation, according to ophthalmologists, is viral conjunctivitis. It affects the ocular surface. In this case, a person may show several symptoms at once:

  • redness of the eyes
  • photophobia
  • lacrimation
  • gritty eyes
  • pain in the eyes
  • swelling of the eyelids
  • discharge from the eyes

These symptoms lasted for up to two weeks in some patients, but in other cases, they were observed even on the 13th day after the onset of the systemic symptoms of COVID-19.

Is Eyes Burning a Symptom of COVID-19?

Burning eyes can appear for various reasons

Lately, many people start to panic and wonder: Are burning eyes a symptom of COVID? But they forget that the effect of burning eyes can appear for several different reasons, both simple and complex, and also can be accompanied by other symptoms:

  • itching
  • pain in the eyes
  • watery eyes
  • ocular discharge

In general, it is easy to determine the reason for the problem and understand whether we deal with COVID eyes burning. The problem may arise if chemicals enter the eyes (shampoo, cosmetics, skin moisturizers, chlorine from a swimming pool) or from prolonged wear of contact lenses. Besides, a burning feeling in the eyes can be caused by exposure to external stimuli, such as air pollution by smoke, smog, or dust. So, if you feel some discomfort in your eyes, it does not mean you have coronavirus eyes burning.

But during the pandemic, scientists have established some unusual symptoms of coronavirus burning eyes caused by conjunctivitis. According to doctors, this symptom manifests itself in those who had aerosol contact of the virus with the mucous membrane or conjunctiva. This means that the virus entered the human body through the eyes.

How to Protect Your Eyes from the Coronavirus

Protection from this infection

If you do not want to become another victim of the pandemic, follow simple rules of protection and hygiene. General recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 state that you should not touch your face with dirty hands or rub your eyes. The best eye protection from this infection is good individual hygiene and a pair of glasses that will fit snugly around the face.

When to See a Doctor

If you experience any of the above symptoms, call your healthcare provider or the COVID-19 Diagnostic Center. It is undesirable to ignore this coronavirus burning eyes condition; so, experts recommend contacting your family doctor or infectious disease specialist.


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